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The trashy t.v/flu blog

Stuck in bed with a cold/SARS, or atleast that’s what it seems like. Perhaps my body is just reacting to the absolutely atrocious television series that are undoubtedly going to lead to some really unacceptable behavior amongst teens everywhere.  It really makes me look back at the television I enjoyed when I was a teen.  Granted, I watched Seinfeld at an inappropriate age, but that show is pure genius and quite frankly I didn’t understand half of the jokes anyway.  Elaine has shaped my life for the better.

But seriously MTV ..WHAT IS THIS SHIT?! Let’s start with the oh so popular Teen Mom. Doesn’t get any classier than this.  As if teenage girls aren’t easily influenced enough, they now get to watch a bunch of white trash (yea, I said it) girls get preggers and be rewarded with publicity, magazine covers, and a show that without a doubt pays their bills.  Before anyone with a Bristol Palin T-shirt rips my head off, let me just say I have a lot of respect for younger people with kids, as long as they take care of business and act like adults.  Which none of these females do whatsoever.  Most of the show features them being toted around in pick up trucks trying to date someone new while their clueless friends babysit their precious nuggets who deserve a better life.

I’m curious if the babies had to sign anything?  I’d be pissed if I found out I was being televised as an infant without my consent.  And also, who is doing the hair on this show?!  Everyone’s highlights are simply heinous.  

Next, SKINS.  I’m not an idiot, high schoolers are obviously going to do reckless things regardless and perhaps this was MTV’s attempt to be “realistic.” But glamorizing these acts and making them APPEALING is quite possibly the worst thing a tv show could do.  From what I remember, being wild in high school usually involved Smirnoff ice, chugging a beer before a basketball game, trying to find a ride to taco bell at 3 am, or sneaking out and praying to God my mom (or sarah’s) didn’t find out (which they always did..because we were morons).  Good old fashioned mischief. It’s good to have shows that acknowledge the actual behavior of people instead of playing it safe and being unrealistic.  But THIS is a bit much, So let’s not all be surprised when kids start trying to make the show their reality. Not to mention…the acting is really awful.  

Why not make a REAL show about something inspiring? Like less fortunate kids trying to get out & go to college, or kids after college trying to chase their dreams and make it in the real world (aka Brandon Monokian and I).  For every hour of negativity you see on the television, you are supposed to make up for it with 3 hours of positivity. So, if you DO decide to watch these shows…I suggest you have some Boy Meets World or Saved by the Bell DVD’s handy for the aftermath.


the airport blog.

Sure, it is significantly more convenient to travel to Florida in a 4 hour period as opposed to driving for an entire day. But naturally, I have some complaints about my airport/flying experience.

1. I just paid $3.50 for a small coffee. small in size AND quality. I work at Starbucks, and I’ve also studied the coffee bean industry.so unless my cup was previously owned by Cher or there is a scratch-off at the bottom of my beverage, it should never be that expensive.

2. The elderly mobiles are meant to transport those precious people to their gates safely so that they don’t have to walk/get run over by inconsiderate douches in the crowd. So WHY have I seen tons of these little vehicles ZOOMING around being operated by total lunatics with walkie talkies?! Someone should tell the staff that this is not Grand Theft Elderly. slow the F down before one of the passengers flies off and lands in the shitty burger king cafe area.

3. Parents of the children who are screaming bloody murder: give in, and buy them some ice cream. if your kid goes nuts when traveling, its time to face the music: you’re going to lose that battle. so take the easy way out and appease them because everyone within a 50 feet radius of you is praying to God that you are not on their flight.

4.The overhead storage bin on the plane WOULD be really spacious…If  my luggage was made for a keebler elf. 

5. I just saw a pair of neon green Uggs. this is completely irrelevant to my travel annoyances but they were absolutely ATROCIOUS.

To all my loves, happy holidays and safe travels.


Delaware: The MUSICAL

This project has consumed my entire life and being for the past four months and I’m thrilled with the outcome.  Thanks to all the students, alumni, faculty, and staff who made it possible.  Particularly Drew (co-star, co-creator), Amy (co-producer), Kaitlin (choreographer), Shanice (co-star), and KIETH (co-everything).  Dream-team forreal. 

And keep your eyes open in the credits for a shout-out from Susan Stroman!

Avi, audition for Glee NOW!

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favorite Seinfeld quote of all time.

  • "Jerry, it's Frank Costanza. Mr. Steinbrenner's here... George is dead, call me back."

Birthday, Working Super bowl in Miami, etc…

Welp,  I certainly have not been as consistent with this blogging as I had hoped for. SHOCKING. So I’ll make an honest attempt in cramming the past week into 1 little blogger. We arrived in Miami on Friday and basically got to frolic up until Sunday. Me and the guys had an INCREDIBLE dinner on Friday night at Billy Stone Crabs. If you’re ever in FL, dooooo it. Our hotel is also really nice, a huge step up from where they put us in NY.

Here is the basic run down of what CBS is doing here. Not only are we airing the Super Bowl, we are also in charge of the 4 Hour Pre Game show, The NFL Today (which is really what I work for) The show is usually 1 hour long, so throw in 3 more hours and imagine the insanity that goes into it. There are some really great features being used in this year’s show (a Haiti piece, A Plaxico Interview! A New Orleans feature, and more..) so be sure to watch!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing how everything comes together for such a huge event like this. It is INSANE how Television works. I had no idea what to imagine in terms of where we would be working but it is actually really sweet. Its like they picked up everything from the studio in NYC and put it in Miami. We are working in the stadium (well,  a few feet away from it) in a compound of trailers.  Every trailer is a designated room (editing, production, archives, etc). And the atmosphere is incredibly refreshing. The NYC studio is really cramped and doesn’t have windows so weekends there feels like you’re in prison.  I love the set up here because we are constantly walking outside and everything is much more spacious. I got to go on the field for a little while too which was an incredible feeling. I can only imagine how the players (especially rookies) will feel when they step foot on it.  Initially I expected to be working 15-20 hour shifts and not sleep for a week, but we actually worked out 12 hour shifts. I’ve been here 8am - 8pm everyday which is bearable. We really worked our asses off in NY the past couple of weeks and it was definitely worth it because it has made things go much smoother. However, today is Thursday and things have been TOO low key around so I feel like shit is about to hit the fan. We have everything we need at THIS point in time, but once Saturday is upon is, its a whole other animal. Fingers crossed.

On a non work-related note, I celebrated my 23rd birthday in a hot tub with margaritas and the very dis functional/amusing CBS family. My favorite coworkers were there and it made me smile. Not too shabby, eh?

Alright, there it is in a very very small nut shell. Pictures will be posted shortly.



One of my favorite shows to wake up to.

One of my favorite shows to wake up to.

Tumblr Newbie!

Sooo here I am on Tumblr. All thanks to my beloved Stephen Pelletteri. His link came up on my facebook creeper-feed so I decided to check it out. I could never get into blogspot for whatever reason, but THIS website tickles my fancy. yea, i said it.

Truthfully I’m hoping that this will somehow force me to become a bit more organized than I have been for the past few months.  After graduating, it has been really bizarre NOT having to come home, grab my laptop and start typing away on some sort of assignment. So who knows, perhaps sharing my adventures, feelings, experiences, questions and lifetime drama on a daily (or almost daily basis) will aid me in finding some sort of a routine again. Alright here we go, I’ll keep this first blog simple since I’m just getting my feet wet.

The Things I am currently excited for section:

  • Not commuting to Manhattan for almost a month
  • MOVING! Valley Road, Montclair NJ with 3 of my favorite people on earth.
  • Bringing Ky home with me for a few days. Pray for him.
  • Seeing my parents.
  • Seeing and spoiling my puppy
  • Glee: Season 2. A few months away I know, but dear God I am pumped.

The Things I am NOT so excited for Section:

  • paying rent. balls.
  • The Superbowl. (I know this was on the list above…but besides being in Miami with fun people, it also entails working insane hours for 9 days straight).
  • Unpacking. holyyyy hell.
  • job hunting? bueller?

The Miscellaneous Comment Section:

  • Heidi from “The Hills” is an asshole.
  • I really wish my favorite foods weren’t consistently on every magazine’s “what not to eat” list.
  • My cell phone is a piece of f’ing garbage.
  • WHY was Avril Lavigne on American Idol this week? Aren’t the judges supposed to know what genuinely “good” music is? She looked like a 13 year old who stole their mom’s credit card and went on a shopping spree at Hot Topic.

My procrastination clock just ran out and its time to continue packing. Until next time. love.